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Our Produce

Wheat, Spelt, Rye & Triticale

We are currently in the process of sourcing some spelt flour for our customers.

Most spelt flour is ground in modern day stone mills, a traditional method that helps to preserve the natural vitamins and minerals of the grain.

> Not yet available 

Beef, Goat & Lamb

Meats are available by carcass or as packaged cuts. All of our produce is grown and processed locally, with organic certification documentation available.

In most cases our meats and meat products can be delivered to a location near your. Conditions apply.

Organic Meat Fat Carcass Weight
Organic Beef 10 - 12mm 160 - 200kg
Organic Goat (chevon) Score: 2/3 12 - 14kg
Organic Lamb Score: 2/3 18 - 20kg

Organic Meat Products Packaged Weight
Sausages (all meats)
Gluten-free or gluten- and preservative-free
1kg bags
Gourmet chevon pies - delicious!
Standard and family sizes available

Please contact us for more information on our organic meats or to make purchasing arrangements.

Goat Meat Information

Goat meat is classified into two types, depending on the age of the goat:

Capretto: milk fed goat, aged up to 6 months
Chevon: grass fed goat, aged 6 - 12 months

Goat meat is the world's most consumed meat and is favoured by many cultures and religions that have restrictions on the types of meat they can consume. Consumption of goat meat in western cultures is increasing, due largely to the nutritional benefits of being lean, low in cholesterol and high in iron. Goat meat has a mild aroma and is often compared to venison or veal in its flavour, but doesn't usually have that same gamey taste.

Nutritional comparison of goat meat to other table meats
Fat (g)
Fat (g)
Goat 122 2.58 0.79 23 3.2
Chicken 120 3.5 1.1 21 1.5
Beef 245 16.0 6.8 23 2.9
Lamb 235 16.0 7.3 22 1.4
Pork 310 24.0 8.7 21 2.7