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The Organic Way

What Is Organics?

Organic farming is a method of farming without the use of artificial chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fumigants, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farming requires a more holistic approach to farming -- we farm with nature and not against it, to maintain healthy soil and produce healthy plants and healthy animals.

In addition, the organic farming philosophy is tied closely with environmental conservation. Organic farmers recognise a need to preserve the environment not just for farming, but for the ecosystems that exist within the environment.

At Buronga Organics we use alternative methods of managing those pests and conditions that affect the quality of our soil, plants and animals.


Why Buy Organic?

There are many reasons for buying organic products. Some of the more common reasons why people choose organic include:

Organic foods are free of artificial chemical residues

The poisonous chemicals used in conventional farming methods are used to treat diseases and pests. These chemicals, whose purpose is to kill living organisms, often leave behind residues, which can lead to illness and health problems when consumed.

Organics uses no genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Genetically modified organisms are sometimes used in conventional farming to help plants and animals combat disease, to grow faster, or to endure conditions that the plant or animal could not endure naturally. GMOs can have a harmful effect on both the environment and on people who consume foods containing GMOs.

Organic farming protects the welfare of the environment

Organic farming is all about farming with nature - not against it. By farming in harmony with nature we protect the soil and water from poisonous chemicals, and we encourage biodiversity to ensure the soil is full of naturally occuring nutrients.

Organic foods taste better

Many people say they prefer organic food because it has a more natural, "cleaner" taste.

There's generally a premium on the price of organic product - that is, they're often a little bit more expensive - because as organic farmers we have to use innovative and often more labour intensive farming methods to grow, harvest and store our produce.


Buronga Organics has attained Level A certification by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the certifying arm of Australia's largest representative organic body, the Biological Farmers of Australia. Level A certification allows us to label our produce as "certified organic".

Maintaining Level A certification involves regular monitoring of many aspects of our farm by the certifying body. This includes the sampling and testing of soils and all farm inputs (such as stock feeds, animal health products and fertilizers) to ensure they meet the requirements of the ACO Standard. We also undergo thorough auditing of our farm records on a regular basis.

For more detailed information on the ACO Standard or organic compliance, visit the ACO website.